Helping you live life on the veg

Many of you were generous enough with your time to fill in our recent customer survey and give us a fantastic amount of detailed feedback. This confirmed a huge desire to cook from scratch (95% of you doing so most days), a great appetite for veg (28% now vegetarian, more vegan and many more striving to eat less meat), and a great belief in the power of veg boxes to help you do this (extending your repertoire and eating healthily following organic, flavour and quality as reasons to buy Riverford). Less positively, only 31% of veg box buyers find the contents really easy to use up. So we know we still have a mission to make life on the veg a bit easier. Here are a few things we are doing to help you meet the challenge of the cardoon and kohlrabi.

Veg-centric recipes & the cooks who create them
We have a fantastic team of cooks here on the farm; what they don’t know about veg isn’t worth knowing, so visit the recipes hub on our website. We’ve worked hard this year to give you recipes and tips to match your box contents. They are in most veg boxes now will be in all as soon as we can house a new printer.

Social media stories
Think of our Facebook page as a mini Riverford community. If you’ve got a question, between us on the farm and other customers, someone will soon come to the rescue. You’ll also find new how-to videos for every vegetable, and new recipe videos both here and on our YouTube channel.

Cookery classes & supper clubs
We have started two-hour hands-on Master Veg classes and will be rolling out more of these next year. Classes are kept small, so there’s plenty of opportunity for individual guidance and questions. Meanwhile, our Supper Clubs are a great chance to meet other customers over a convivial veg-centric feast.

New ways with veg & new organic things
In 2017 we will be launching juicing boxes, new recipe boxes, as well as organic herbs, spices and more besides. And who knows what new crops Guy has up his sleeve!

Enjoy 2017 on the veg.

10 responses to “Helping you live life on the veg

  1. Really looking forward to 2017 and new recipes and more information on using herbs.
    My health has vastly improved going organic, even though I eat a lot of veg before, the taste and the goodness wasn’t there
    Keep up the good work!
    My daughter now buys Orgaic veg from Aldi as it has joined the mission too, and it is all thanks to farmers like yourselves working towards one goal.

  2. I didn’t know there had been a survey! I would have liked to contribute. Was it available for all customers?

    • Sorry that you didn’t have the opportunity Tracy. We contact a segment of customers and ask if they’d like to be involved. You may well be contacted in the future for another survey.

  3. Looking forward to 2017 boxes. Enjoying the UK one and never seem to struggle to use up stuff – I just roast all the odds and ends with tons of garlic.

  4. I love Riverford and I cannot wait to see what you will be up to in the new year So I will wait to see what you do but until that happy new year for everyone in Riverford you’re all absolutely fantastic and thank you

  5. Obviously missed the survey, more’s the pity. We don’t usually struggle to use up the veg in our box although that might be partly because we buy a selection of individual items on those occasions when the box contents don’t suit our requirements. Looking forward to more herbs & spices, plus more veg recipies (we’ve yet to try the brussels sprout, red onion and blue cheese gratin, which sounds wonderful). Happy New Year to all at Riverford as we enter our 12th year as very satisfied customers!

  6. I note a comment earlier about the Supper nights; must say I arrived rather late and with some trepidation but was royally looked after and the food was delicious. Thanks again to everyone.

  7. I note a comment earlier about the Supper nights; must say I arrived rather late and with some trepidation but was royally looked after and the food was delicious. Thanks again to everyone.

  8. I missed the survey too would have liked to have done it and been included in the vegan percentage of customers ( whole family of vegans) looking forward to ordering again in the new year

  9. There’s nothing better than using your own fresh produce whilst cooking. Many people feel restrained from growing their own food due to a lack of space in their garden which is a shame, because there’s always room for fresh veggies – even if they’re grown in a pot! Getting in contact with a landscape designer like MangoPavings might help you free up some space in your garden and allow you to fulfill your vegetable garden dreams! Check them out.

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