A visit from The Happy Pear


The Happy Pear twins, David and Stephen Flynn, are Irish chefs who run a natural food shop, wholefood café and restaurant and sprout farm and do health education talks to, as they put it, “inspire a healthier, happier world”. When they approached us keen to collaborate on our recipe boxes, a quick look at their cook book (a bestseller in Ireland) showed that their love of flavourful, veg-packed, down-to-earth cooking was a brilliant match with our own approach to food at Riverford. Back in November the pair visited us on the farm in Devon, and were as full of energy and warm enthusiasm in person as they are in the cookery videos on their YouTube channel. They had a tour of the farm with Riverford founder Guy Watson, where they harvested leeks and tasted their way through the salad leaves in our polytunnels, before we headed to our development kitchen for a bit of cooking and a photoshoot. They were a delight to have along, and we’re really interested to see how their recipes go down!

IMG_4714A little more background on the boys: After studying business degrees at university, David and Stephen travelled the world tasting as many local dishes and unusual ingredients along the way. When they returned to Ireland, over a decade ago, their aim was to start a food revolution by making fruit and veg sexy, to get involved with their community and drag as many people along for the ride as they possibly could. Today, The Happy Pear is a family and community all about making natural and healthy food mainstream and producing really great tasting products that make it easier for people to be healthier and happier.


They’ve also created a strong online community and a loyal following across their Social Media platforms and channels. Each week they release videos on The Happy Pear YouTube Channel and they’re also part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube family – the largest foodie community in Europe. David and Stephen live in Greystones, Co. Wicklow, Ireland with their families and they really ‘walk their talk’ by eating a wholefood and plant-based diet, practicing yoga, swimming in the sea, keeping bees and smiling every day.

You can order a Happy Pear recipe box, which includes everything you need to make three colourful, flavour-packed dishes for two, here.


7 responses to “A visit from The Happy Pear

  1. I really think it’s a mistake to use the word ‘sexy’ in relation to fruit and vege. Surely you mean trying to make it more attractive and acceptable to the unconverted. I really don’t see that sex comes into it. It’s just sloppy thinking and unhelpful use of the English language!

    • I totally agree, what could be less applicable than using the word ‘sexy’ when describing fruit and veg? It is ridiculous.

  2. I totally agree, it is a ridiculous thing to say regarding fruit and veg. what have they got to do with sex?

  3. I have already typed a comment twice

  4. I agree totally, I have already typed a comment twice!

  5. Oh come on you people! Don’t you know that the idea of ‘sexy’ doesn’t just mean ‘ripe for copulation’? It also means vibrant, fabulous, exciting….ALIVE! If we can’t become a little more enthusiastic about describing these modern pioneers of the fruit and veg industry, how are we going to get their message across to the world out there? It’s not sloppy thinking, it’s a re-inventing of our wonderful English language to fit its purpose of marketing the glories of fruit and veg!

  6. This is great news especially for Vegans – two positive individuals I follow on YouTube who are passionate about their fruit and veg teaming up with my favorite Organic seller.

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