Onion stringing? Ah oui oui!

At Riverford we love an after work get-together, especially when it involves a beer and food.


Head gardener, Penny, proposed an after work onion stringing class so, a group of us headed down to our new poly tunnel, which doubles as a staff allotment meeting room, and herb garden for the Riverford Field Kitchen. Penny explained she had been stringing onions for years, and wanted to teach us all.

onion4“Maybe I’m a just a hippy, but I love having food on display around my kitchen. We should be celebrating it, not hiding it away in the cupboards! I’ve hung a bunch up in my kitchen already and I think it looks fun,” she said.

The onion stringing was fairly simple. You start with a loop of string, hung above head height. You then string our first onion by threading the top through the loop, then wrapping it around the outside twice, before threading back through the middle. You then do another onion on top, and another…


Eventually you’ll up with a bunch, of a size of your choice. It was strangely therapeutic, and we were all nattering away whilst doing it. We each made a couple of bunches, one to take home and one extra to decorate the Field Kitchen with.

In true Riverford style, we heated up some French onion soup on a camp stove; a few cold beers was pretty well received too!

Keep an eye out for a how-to video on onion stringing coming soon.


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