Making our famous mince pies

Want to know how we make our legendary mince pies? Our Riverford Farm Shop kitchen elves have been busy working extra hard these last few months. It’s mince pie season and we’ve got over 100,000 of them to make!



Each pie is individually handmade by our bakery team. We begin by making the mincemeat to our secret recipe which has been tasted and tested numerous times by our development team. The rich and heady mix is then left to infuse and develop in flavour.



Come morning we’re up bright and early and hard at work constructing these Christmas classics. The buttery pastry that we make is flattened into the tin cases, the mince meat is generously spooned in and the whole thing is topped off with a pastry lid.

One of the team mans the oven, juggling upwards of 500 pies at once! Getting the cooking time right is a difficult skill. Each tray of pies are inspected when leaving the oven for the perfect golden-brown finish.



Finally they’re finished off while they’re still warm with a light sprinkling of sugar. Our team have to taste every batch we make, that’s a lot of mince pies to be eaten! It’s a tough job!



Our mince pies come in packs of six and as they’re handmade you might even be able to pass them off as your own, we promise we won’t tell any one!

4 responses to “Making our famous mince pies

  1. Can’t get enough of your mince pies 🙂

  2. They are great, partly thanks to the two tonnes of our lovely Organic apples that go in them (we would like to think!)

  3. Riverford, your Mince Pies are the best I and my daughter have tasted in years!! Family and friends who tasted them were also impressed with the flavour of the mincemeat and rich pastry. They were gone as soon as they arrived. I had to buy additional packs with the specific intention of us NOT sharing with anyone else!
    Thank you Riverford; a definate MUST for next Christmas

  4. Good morning, l too really enjoy your mince pies, so I thought l would have a go at making them. I asked the cook in our local riverford farm shop cafe but she told me that she doesn’t actually make them and suggested I look in my copy of the riverford farm cook book but it’s not in there, are the ingredients for sale in the shop and if so what are they.

    I hope to hear from you soon

    Kind Regards

    Ian Harvey

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