Five favourite recipes for brilliant brussels

Convert any sprout sceptic with these bold and brilliant recipes for brussels. Simple and quick to make, these dishes are great served as a side, or even to eat on their own by avid sprout lovers!

We’ve got five of our tried and tested recipes and a handy video to help you get the perfect brussels sprouts every time!

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Brussels sprouts with brown butter and almonds

Rich, sweet and indulgent. This way of preparing the little green veg gives it an extra crunch and texture with the addition of flaked almonds.

roasted brussels with sage & chestnut butter


Sprouts with chestnuts and bacon

A more traditional way of serving brussels, this dish is just the thing to serve up on Christmas day. The warm chestnut and bacon flavours are great for tempting sprout haters.

Roasted brussels sprouts and caramelised onions

This recipe is a simple way of using up any left over sprouts and is great served with the last of the turkey and plenty of gravy. Once roasted the caramelised onions will work wonders bringing out the natural sweetness of the sprouts.

brussels sprout, red onion & blue cheese gratin


Brussels sprouts with horseradish

Give your sprouts a bit of oomph with this fiery dish that’s not for the fainthearted. Add as much horseradish as you dare!

Brussels sprouts with bacon and almonds

This recipe is pure comfort food. Sweet, salty, warm, rich and with a bit of bite. Try with mash potato for an easy and filling lunch dish.


4 responses to “Five favourite recipes for brilliant brussels

  1. Love the suggestions, but just can’t get better than steamed but not overdone, served warm and pop them straight into my mouth

  2. I’m with Augene, but they are also good cooked al dente and then fried with bacon and garlic. Even spout haters have loved them like this!

  3. Brussels in Tumeric
    Prep spouts by removing outer leaves and trimming the bottom. Finely slice the spouts. Heat frying pan add a little oil and butter and add a crushed clove of garlic and Tumeric on a low heat. After a minute add the spouts and cook through on a medium heat, adding walnuts near the end of cooking for an added flavour and texture.

  4. These replies only arrived today in my inbox today!… I’m thinking, maybe we can start a I love Brussel Sprouts fan club! 🙂 Hopefully, we don’t have to wait until next Christmas…

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