Ne’er cast a clout, ‘til May is out

organic rhubarbAt this time of year I usually keep a batch of rhubarb compote in the fridge to have for breakfast with granola and yoghurt. I sit on the back doorstep in the sunshine and watch the giant hound lie all over my newly planted herb beds, perhaps as some sort of protest at me going to work. This year we’ve not yet tried granola or herb squashing, and are dashing out for the morning walk between the torrents. Apparently the cold weather means people are liking our porridge. Try a dollop of the compote with it; you might feel a bit more like you’re in May, not February. Wear your best Sou’wester with your jim-jams if you’re determined to eat it al fresco.

We’ve got new season asparagus and rhubarb coming through in the vegboxes, but when the weather’s this wet we still feel like a bit of comfort food. There’s been much talk of roast dinners and cake on the menu chez Riverford staff (we talk a lot about food in the office, understandably). We’ve got two new recipes for our seasonal favourites that’ll give you a bit of a springtime cuddle in a bowl. If you’re up for a bit of baking on a wet Sunday afternoon, try our gingerbread with rhubarb and orange fool. For a quick midweek dinner, asparagus and bacon linguine fits the bill. Fifteen minutes max, from fridge to plate. Squashed herbs are optional.


4 responses to “Ne’er cast a clout, ‘til May is out

  1. Colin James watling

    With all this wet around the Khol Rabi will grow to the size of footballs-I’ve seen it before in wet Weather-during the wet Summer of 1999-just before the Millenium-it was all to do with the massive Auroral Activity over the Poles during that Spring that caused such a wet Summer-amazing-there has also been a lot of recent Auroral Activity over the Poles during March that has possibly caused this sudden wet spell of wet Weather…

  2. Colin, it sounds like we should have consulted you before we booked the date for our annual farm get together next week, it’s a wash out! Let us know when you think it’ll be dry enough to plant seedlings, our farm managers would be grateful if it’s not too long from now. I’m not sure I’m looking forward to creating a recipe for giant kohlrabi, goodness knows how we’ll fit them in the vegboxes!

  3. James Beckford

    Your links to the recipes don’t work!

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