Tasty lunch boxes

ham sandwichBid farewell to the holidays and enjoy settling into an autumn routine, with tasty packed lunches to keep your spirits up. You can get most of the ingredients from Riverford, delivered straight to your door.

We’ve got lunch ideas covered, but you can win a copy of Everyday and Sunday, our latest cook book by sending us your favourite after school recipes.

Vintage cheddar, tomatoes and crusty bread* with ploughman’s pickle.

ham salad sandwich
Traditionally cured ham salad sandwich with tangy cucumber pickle (made with our award-winning mini cucumbers!).

roasted veg with pesto + buffalo mozzarella
Make the night before – roast chunks of mixed veg until tender and stir through some pesto. Top with sliced mozzarella in the morning.

oatcakes + hummus
Buttery pimhill oatcakes with hummus and crunchy crudités.

 juicy sundried tomato + cannellini bean salad
Cook a chopped onion and crushed garlic clove in olive oil until soft. Combine in a bowl with cooked cannellini beans, fresh tomatoes, a handful of chopped sundried tomatoes and black olives, a teaspoon of chopped capers and fresh herbs. Trickle with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice and season to taste. Serve with mixed salad leaves.

use your leftovers
toss leftover roasted squash into leafy salads
add cooled cooked sausages to pasta salads
try a cold cooked sweetcorn cob with your lunch

*bread not yet available in all areas – we’re working on it!

baked beetroot crisps
See our recipe here.

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