Traffic light celery

celeryPlants need water for photosynthesis. It reaches the leaves through tubes called xylem. Try this activity and see how it happens.

you will need:
3 sticks of celery, leaves still attached (you can add this to your Riverford order if it isn’t already in your box)
3 glasses
food colouring – you could try red, orange and green

1. Break off 3 sticks of celery, keeping the leaves on.

2. Put each stick in a glass of water, adding a different colour to each glass. You’ll only need a few drops.

3. Watch and see what happens over the next few days. When you slice through the stem you’ll see the xylem coloured with the food colouring.


2 responses to “Traffic light celery

  1. This works with daisies, too!
    AS for using celery, I wonder about using food to “play with” but I suppose if natural food colouring was used, it would be possible to have quite the colourful salad with celery bits!

  2. It’s also great fun with daffodils & beetroot juice (i.e. the juice from boiled beets). If I remember, I also used to entertain the children with snow drops & the water from boiled onion skins!

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