E.coli outbreak in Germany – does not affect Riverford produce

There has been an outbreak of E. coli in Germany, believed to be linked to raw cucumbers from two producers in Southern Spain. We do not work with either of these producers (and there is no way that E. coli can travel through the air to other farms).

We are now coming into the UK cucumber season, so all our cucumbers will be homegrown. As a precautionary measure, we test our crops regularly for the presence of bacteria, to make sure the agricultural safeguards we have in place are working effectively.

For some of the year we sell Spanish cucumbers grown by Paco Sanchez. Paco fertilizes his crops with sterilised organic chicken manure pellets and the crops are irrigated with a drip feed at ground level to prevent any contamination.

We will continue to monitor the situation, but you can be confident buying from Riverford: we have direct relationships with our growers, we visit them often and are familiar with their cropping systems. We also have our own transport system, so Riverford veg does not get mixed up with produce from other farms. As always, it’s worth remembering that you should wash all fruit and veg thoroughly before eating it.

7 responses to “E.coli outbreak in Germany – does not affect Riverford produce

  1. Jenny Goddard

    Thank you for this very importanat information

  2. Yes, ditto, thank you for the cucumber info!

  3. Agree, that was a good response.

  4. Thank you for keeping us informed. I was going to ask where your veg from outside the UK comes from, but knowing that you select your growers carefully and visit farms, I thought this would be unnecessary. Being pregnant, the list of things not to eat is so long already, so I am happy I can keep eating my veg raw.

  5. I logged onto the site today to check this very information; there was a cucumber in my box and as it’s my toddler’s favourite, I wanted to be sure you were conscious of the E.coli situation before I used it.


  6. Good to have this information about E Coli . We have just had a delivery of salad etc from you and I wondered if it was safe knowing you source some produce from Spain.

  7. Could you elaborate further: now we see spanish tomatoes also included in the suspects.
    Also, are we safe eating your other spanish produced fruit/veg eg the things we might cook like corgettes and fennel?

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