Puple sprouting broccoli

This seasonal favourite is typically harvested from January through to April, when homegrown produce is scarce. It can take some cold weather, and usually, in Devon we would expect 7 or 8 serious frosts every winter. This time, we’ve had 40 heavy frosts already and temperatures have dropped to as low as -16˚C, killing off some varieties of purple sprouting broccoli and stunting the growth of others. Because of that, we’re harvesting later than normal this year. The price won’t be affected as we pay a fixed price to our growers, so the good years cover the bad years. Our box prices are set too.

We usually have a glut of cauliflower around this time of year too, but the frost has killed off a lot of them as well. Their outer leaves can take a lot of cold weather, but not as much as we’ve had this winter. Cauliflower grows best on the mild coastal fringes of the country. We now have some starting to come through, from our SDOP grower Peter Wastenage in Budleigh Salteron on the South Devon coast.

3 responses to “Puple sprouting broccoli

  1. Love psb and quietly put up with the weekly sudstitute. You are not on your own Guy

  2. Huh, psb? More like pbs! If you know what I’m saying!!!! Mulch deeply and all your sins will be forgiven.

  3. Vivien Cruickshank

    Psb is my FAVOURITE! veg, and I have it as an extra order every week until I am told it is no longer available. When I was a child, my mother grew loads of it, and my favourite meal was mashed potato, psb, and liver and onions, yum yum. The disadvantage with growing it is that it takes a year from seed to plate, but still worth it.

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