What’s what in the box – 17th January 2011

In this week’s video, Guy Watson shows you how to make marmalade.

what’s what in the box – 17th january 2011

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  1. I was interested in the Marmalade pudding recipe advertised this week. However, the instructions as to when to add the marmalade to the pudding were missing. Does the marmalade go at the bottom of the basin to act as a sauce or is it mixed into the sponge mixture?


  2. If you would like to persuade more people to have a go at making marmalade, it might also be worth publicising a much simpler recipe, which I have been using ever since I had a pressure cooker. Cooking the fruit for 10 mins at pressure is enough, which is greener and cheaper than boiling for a couple of hours, quite apart from the saving in time. No messing about with muslin either, using the whole fruit except the pips. Interested?
    Sylvia Hilken

  3. We made our Marmalade last week with Riverfords ‘kit’ and now have 12 jars of dark tangy marmalade, that tastes great. We used the pressure cooker to cook the peel and ensure it was soft cutting down on the cooking time as mentioned by Sylvia, except we still put the rest of the oranges and lemons in a muslin bag- (piece of loose woven cotton cloth- old clean shirt) in the pressure cooker too and squeezed out all the juices from it into the pan before adding sugar, I thought the lemon pips were important fotr the pectin to ensure setting . I would be interested in your recipe Sylvia, if it is successful.

  4. I did our marmalade in the pressure cooker as well. I was taught that it takes 20 mins, I have to say, but still a lot faster than two hours. I was also taught that you have to use all the pips to get the pectin – maybe Sylvia used sugar with pectin in it? (so-called jam sugar). I would also be interested in alternatives.

    I thought Guy’s method of cutting the peel off first was pretty neat – I’ve only done it the traditional way of juicing, then slicing. I also noted that the recipe as supplied in my box said you had to boil the marmalade for 50 (!) minutes, although it went on to say you should test after 15.

  5. I cut the oranges in half and remove the pith and pips using a hand juice extractor. I then put the pips in a muslin, put the skins and pith through a hand operated mincer and allow the pips and minced peel to soak overnight. The minced peel and soaking reduces the cooking time considerably. The high temperatures of pressure cooking are not good (some say). Makes lovely marmalade!

  6. Hi there Rosy and Sylvia, i thought i might share what I think is a quick and tasty recipe which uses the pressure cooker too (I shifted to the thing for marmalade 2 years ago, tired of having to keep watch on the cooking oranges for 2 hours even before the sugar is in).
    3 lbs seville oranges
    1 1/2 pints water
    1 1/2 lemons juice
    1 lemon skin cut in with the oranges
    6 lbs sugar (double the quantity of uncooked oranges)

    * Cut the oranges in two and squeeze the juice using a juicer (electric ones work brilliantly). The pips and pith will detach (most of the time) from the outer skin just by rubbing the half fruit onto the juicer, if this should not happen – or if the pith does not all detach, just complete the process with a spoon and scoop the pith into a piece of muslin)
    * Collect the juice into the pressure cooker
    * Collect pith and pips into a muslin bag and put into the pressure cooker
    * Add the water and lemon joice
    * Cut the orange and lemon skins into
    a) 4-8 pieces, or
    b) coarse or thin slivers
    and place into the pressure cooker
    * Cook for 15′-20′ from the whistle
    * Open the cooker and discard the muslin bag after squeezing out as much liquid with pectin as possible
    * If not bothered with the pieces of skin,
    a) whizz the lot with an immersion food processor until small enough bits are obtained (try not to homogenize the thing), or
    b) leave the slices as they are or maybe whizz just a few to give the marmalade more texture and less of a jelly aspect
    * Add the sugar and dissolve on slow fire, bring to ther boil and cook until setting point has been reached (it took just 15 minutes from the boil)
    * Put into clean sterilised jars lable and enjoy

    All the hints by Guy Watson in his video apply.


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