What’s what in the box – 10th January 2011

In this week’s video, Guy Watson shows you how to cook celeriac soup.

what’s what in the box – 10th january 2011

6 responses to “What’s what in the box – 10th January 2011

  1. Liked the short video celeriac soup demo. More like this would be watched! by me.

  2. Quick to watch, quick and easy to make. Kids loved it! Keep that celariac coming.

  3. Being vegan these videos always give me ideas what to do with some of the vegetables that I’m not used to. I tried the celeriac and potato mash for a change and enjoyed it. I shall defiantely be giving this soup a go.

  4. Hi, Its my first time to order celeriac so was pleased to see the recipe and video for the soup. I will be trying this out tomorrow on my family, so thanks again I will look forward to seeing more video’s like this in the future.

  5. Yes I liked the short video demo-ing the celeriac soup. I needed to SEE how you peel a celeriac. It’s so much easier than the way I’ve been doing it.

  6. Really enjoy watching how recipes are done…got recipe book but nice to see it being done.

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