What’s what in the box – 6th December 2010

In this week’s video, Guy talks about brussels sprouts.

what’s what in the box – 6th december 2010

4 responses to “What’s what in the box – 6th December 2010

  1. Anna Louise Lupton

    Very good trying to camouflage the poor sprout but you still havent convinced me to eat them .

  2. was that fresh ginger and stem ginger with the brussels? if so, what’s the difference twixt the two?

    ps thanks for the watercress and celery in place of the leeks, yummy!

  3. and another ps

    a couple of the shallots were soft in my box this week, so lost a little which is a shame as what was left was delicious

  4. Crystalized ginger was in the recipe ,usually brought in syrup in jars (or can be brought like dried fruit in a sugery coating) Fresh is the knobbly beige skin root that is often available in good greengrocers or dare I say it ‘supermarkets’.
    I was delighted amazed and very gratefull to Mark for getting my box to me in terrible icy road conditions yesterday, and am oh so grateful to all at Riverford, especially those that pick and pack.
    Good to have interesting recipes to try.

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