What’s what in the box – 1st November 2010

In this week’s video, Guy talks about kale and cabbage.

what’s what in the box – 1st november 2010

red russian kale

This is a sweet and tender kale. You can cook the whole thing including the stem, especially if you finely chop it at the bottom. Steam briefly and serve.

cavalo nero

This is robust with an earthy, almost bitter iron flavour. Cavalo nero has tough ribs. Grip the rib with one hand and with the other, pull the leaf away. When you get to the centre leaves, they’re tender so you can chop these without stripping them.

If you’re going to boil greens you need to have quite a big pot with plenty of water and a little salt. Plunge them in and get them boiled quickly. When they have been going for a couple of minutes, take them out and refresh under cold water to stop them cooking. Squeeze out as much of the water as you can with your hands. Cavalo nero goes great with a knob of butter, a squeeze of lemon and a bit of pepper.

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3 responses to “What’s what in the box – 1st November 2010

  1. Just watched your clip about cooking greens and wanted to say what a great company I think you are and how much I love my veg box from you. Thank you.

  2. My family like Cavalo Nero a lot but I was surprised to see a nice healthy specimen growing enthusiastically in the middle of a tidy flower bed in the picturesque village of Brantome, (Dordogne, France) last week.
    PS, our pet rabbit loves the centre ribs too, so no waste at all.

  3. I love all kinds of cabbage and kale, also cauliflower – much more than lettuce/leaves actually as you can do so much more with them. I’m looking forward to lots more of lovely veg this winter. The recipe tips are great, thank you.

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