What’s what in the box – 25th October 2010

In this week’s video, Guy talks about radicchio and gives tips and ideas on using it.

what’s what in the box – 25th october 2010

These grow really well in Autumn, after the lettuce season is over. The cannon ball like Chioggia are most commonly sold in the UK but we prefer these tall,  cos shaped radicchio known as Treviso.

It does have a really bitter flavour, so can be used raw in salad, but in a small quantity with a sweet dressing or with fruit or roast squash. If you do find it too bitter to use in a salad, it can be cooked.

Try our recipes for grilled radicchio, radicchio and red wine risotto and radicchio pasta or order radicchio on our website.

8 responses to “What’s what in the box – 25th October 2010

  1. Please fore-warn vegetarians that the recipe is a meat one. It’s bad enough getting meat in our face on your web stuff ALL the time without this added insult.

  2. Not worried about meat, since we are unashamed meat eaters. This is a radicchio comment! Sorry, but we really couldn’t get on with the radichio this week! I’m looking primarily for a vegetable to eat as a vegetable, but will use up left-overs in soups or casserole. This was too bitter to be anything but a flavour to be countered in a more complicated dish, with greasier flavours. (Rather like the parsley, really, for which I found no use at all, even as a contributor the the usual catch-all soup, and which sadly ended up in the food waste.)
    Carrots and other vegetables continue very good with flavours lke home grown! Onions are welcome, also leeks, and some variety beyond that. Potatoes starting to get easy to turn to a mush – but that probably needs me to cook them more carefully.

  3. Yumm Yum looks like a great recipe and cant wait to try it.

  4. We didn’t get on with the radicchio either – the taste was just too bitter to make it good to eat. Sorry – we tried but I think it joins jerusalem artichokes in our thumbs down category!

  5. Tried the radicchio risotto and pasta recipes, both great ideas for a veg i have never cooked with before. Risotto was a hit (nearly as good as pumkin risotto) but the pasta was not as popular with my other half as you could easliy taste the bitterness, although i thought it was tasty and liked the crunch. Thanks for the top tips…. now what to do with that fennel bulb….

  6. Daniela van der Heijden

    great stuff, my family was fighting over it, crawling into the pan – and an additional tip: when you use the juice of a lemon, grate the rind in as well, it adds a wonderful lemony flavour, a perfect addition to the acidity of the juice!
    Thanks – Daniela

  7. Eluned Davies-Scott

    What a shame the radiccio risotto isn’t on your web site any longer. The pasta recipe was great.
    Lots of parsley is always good as you can chop it up (using a small blender) and freeze it for parsley sauce, soups, Glamorgan sausages etc.

  8. Eluned Davies-Scott

    By the way, i hate sprouts and they are a waste of money in our box and are likely to go into the food recycling bin every time.

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