what’s what in the box – 18th october 2010

In this week’s video, Guy talks about squash and gives tips and ideas on using it.

what’s what in the box – 18th october 2010

Summer is over and we’re still cutting lettuce and fennel but are starting to get more into the winter produce so lots of leeks, squash and swedes are in the boxes.

Mid October is when we’re busy getting the squash in from the fields. We have to get them in before the first frost comes and this Autumn has been fantastic. We’ve had good sunlight so the squash have ripened well.

Squash hate being cold so never put them in the fridge. Keep them at room temperature and dry, so a shelf in your kitchen is suitable.

sugar pumpkins
These keep for a month or so, are not too strong in flavour so are good for soups and pumpkin pie.

These keep for 2 or 3 months. To prepare it, peel with a potato peeler and the skin will come off easily. But both ends off, chop it in half lengthways and scoop out the seeds with a spoon.

These should keep for around 3 months.

crown prince
These have a tough skin and will keep for 5 or 6 months. They have a strong flavour compared to the others.

To prepare them, knock off the stem and push a sharp knife into the centre. Work it around and split the squash in half. Scoop out the seeds. You can roast it in an oven as it is, brush it with olive oil and roast it again, then scoop out the flesh and use in a soup or risotto when soft.

If the recipe you are using calls for chunks you’ll have to peel it. The skin is too hard for a peeler, so use a knife by placing the squash half face down on a board, working round with a knife, cutting the skin off.

Make sure you never put a whole squash in the oven, it will explode. Cut it in half and de-seed first.

7 responses to “what’s what in the box – 18th october 2010

  1. Nice tips on squash storage from Guy, did not realise they would keep so well.

    We like roasting them with bacon and chestnuts. Mmm wintery aroma…

  2. Really Interesting Tips. I’ll try to watch in future. Thanks.

  3. Excellent video. I recommend the Squash and Lentil Soup with Chilli and Fennel Seeds recipe in the Riverford Farm Cook Book. A perfect Autumn lunch.

  4. Margaret Nettleship

    we had the romanesque cauliflower which I had not seen before. It was absolutely delicious – would love to have some recipes besides serving with cheese sauce.

    many thanks

  5. Daniela van der Heijden
  6. We love butternut squash chopped into chunks and roasted with olive oil, sea salt and cracked black pepper. I also have a fantastic recipe for butternut squash soup that goes down well with everyone, and is perfect for using up the excess when you have one of those enormous butternuts we’ve been getting!

  7. Interesting vid, thanks.
    Had no idea squashes would keep for so long.

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