Questions to the cook

We’re starting a new blog – questions to the cook.

Is there anything in your vegbox that is left in the fridge too long or would you like some more ideas?

Ask us any questions about cooking, preparing, or storing the fruit, veg, and anything else you get from us. Post them here on the blog and we’ll pass them to our cooks to answer in the next questions to the cook blog.

9 responses to “Questions to the cook

  1. I have quite a few cougettes left and would like some recipes for them I live alone so recipes that I can portion up and freeze would be good also I am a veggie so no dead animals thanks .

  2. Pointed cabbage!

    Nearly everything else I have found a way of using, actually one of the reasons for trying a veg box as I felt I was in a veggie rut, but pointed cabbage…sigh.

    I have tried some things with it, but I still feel a bit uninspired.

    Something quick, tasty, and different! I don’t want much, do I!


  3. Is it really best to store vegetables in plastic bags in the fridge? I always thought that paper bags were better as this stopped them sweating.

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  5. hi, we have had salt cure and hock delivered in the meat box. not quite sure how and on what to use the salt? any recipe ideas appreciated. also i am presuming you just boil the hock? can you roast it? thanks for your time and patience, really enjoy your produce thanksh

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