oh, for an abacus

My patience with modern technology is not good and I am well known in the office for my computer-induced tantrums, so I would like to apologise to those of you who have suffered such frustrations with our new website. The changeover has been fraught with difficulties and in many ways the old one did the job, so it would be reasonable to ask, as many of you have, why we changed it.

Fundamentally we wanted to make it easier for you to use (by making it more like other websites) and easier for us to keep it updated as crops come in and out of season. We had reached the end of the road with our inflexible and increasingly idiosyncratic old website; every time we wanted to do something new, the “computer said no”. We needed to rejoin the mainstream and follow everyone else with a conventional shopping basket. Carving your own path in IT when your speciality is growing vegetables is not a good idea.

The site is now running much more quickly and we are working on the teething problems. It will be an ever-evolving beast. It is now possible to see all the box contents on one page (a foolish omission) and we have tried to make the checkout process more intuitive. Thanks for staying with us and for the feedback (which wasn’t all negative); it has been useful. I am forever sceptical about claims from the IT industry, but those who know more than I do assure me we are moving in the right direction. If you are having trouble, please give us a call on 0845 600 2311 or 01803 762059; we will be very happy to help. 

Guy Watson

4 responses to “oh, for an abacus

  1. Then new site is nice, but…

    I used to enjoy having everything on one page, so I could just rush through plugging numbers into the appropriate boxes.

    There may/may not be more people like me, however, it’d be nice if there could be a ‘quick order’ page that worked like the old site even if it was just a simple text only list – title, price, quantity

  2. I am now totally confused. What happened to scrolling down and seeing the contents? I am going to have to sit in a darkened room and work out how to use this. I expect I am an old Luddite but the older I get the more straightforward things need to be.

  3. I think Mark’s comments reflect the experience of many users. However, I like the new site with one proviso which would speed things up enormously:

    Each item currently has a default quantity =1. When clicking … ‘Add to Basket’, the page jumps back to the top, losing the users place.
    An easy change would be to set the default quantity = 0. The user then adds the items he wants and there would only be a need for one ‘Add to Basket’ click at the bottom of that page.
    Clicking ‘Add to Basket’ every time an item is selected is just too slow.

  4. I love the new website! My only, only complaint has been how slow it is. Other than that, I think the changes are brilliant. Well done!

    That said, the previous commenter’s suggestion about having to click “add to basket” just once is a good one.

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