What’s what in the Riverford box – 19th July 2010

This week Guy talks about sugar snap peas, tomatoes, spinach, hispi cabbage, carrots and kohl rabi.

Sugar snap peas
To prepare, break the end and strip it down and it will take the string out. Take the string off each side and then you can steam or boil (for 3-5 minutes). You also can eat them in a stirfry or raw.

We’ve just come into the tomato season and have had good sunlight so they taste really sweet. Try making your own fresh salsa by chopping them, adding red or fresh onions and a green herb and well as a squeeze of lemon, vinegar and a bit of sugar, salt and pepper. It’s great with tortilla chips or on a courgette fritter.

Bunched carrots
They are tasting fantastic. Don’t bother peeling them. If you want to cook them, theyre great if roast them with kohl rabi. Peel and chop the kohlrabi and roast with the carrots for around 30 minutes.

True spinach has fine and succulent leaves. Wash it, leave the water on and cook it in a pan, turn it over, take it out push it into a colander, chop it up finely and then you can use it in all sorts of ways.

Hispi cabbage
Shred these finely, blanch and drain. You could add a squeeze of lemon as well as a little bit of butter and pepper.

8 responses to “What’s what in the Riverford box – 19th July 2010

  1. Great, helpful vid – off to make myself a spinach omelette for lunch!

  2. Louise Laughland

    Hi I’m sitting in the sun watching the video clip on my phone as I’ve people for brunch tomorrow. I just wanted to thank you for such a fab service all round and tell you that although I am a passionate & established cook all these tips are welcomed and inspirational for us all! Also my brother recently visited Hugh Fearnleys yurt and I haven’t the time to travel that far so we are doing supper with the travelling kitchen tomorrow eve instead of visiting the same circuit of restaurants. Many thanks

  3. Good video.
    Great learning about these different veg which I probably would never have bought.
    Also helping to make my cooking more interesting and much more fun.

  4. Guy is such a food hero. I look forward to my box every week with huge anticipation and am evangelical about the scheme. I just took 10 girls on a hen day out to the Riverford Yurt on tour. They were all amazed and I *hope* now converts!
    And thank you for ideas for cabbage, its always the last thing to get eaten!

  5. Trish Stableford

    I’d second all those compliments above, of course!

    Re spinach: my mother always ‘chopped’ it in the colander with the edge of a saucer, having first squashed it down with the saucer, so that’s what I always do – in fact, it’s never occurred to me to use a knife. There might be a problem these days, since most of use mugs (!), but you could always pick one up at a charity shop. It does save cleaning the chopping board!

    I’m with Guy and the brassicas – give me more – but I do remember him reporting that he had had to bow to public demand and stop planting so many. I wish I’d known about Riverford in those days!

  6. I get very excited about my box am like a child on Christmas day. I love the videos and thanks to Guy now I know what to do with the Kohlrabi! My recipe folder is now bulging keep up the good work. looking forward to my Riverford lunch in Northallerton on 7 August

  7. Hello there,

    I am a newcomer to your service and I think it is fantastic. I love celebrating the seasons with your seasonal box and trying vegetables I wouldn’t ordinarily buy ie Kohl Rabi (sounds like a chap from Middle East!)
    I have been in advertising/marketing all my career and it is a joy to be marketed to in such a targeted, relevant and interesting way. I love it.

  8. Love these videos sooo helpful really look forward to my box each week and trying out new recipes.

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