What’s what in the Riverford box – 12th July 2010

This week Jane talks about bunched carrots, radish and cucumber, cherry tomatoes and french beans.

bunched carrots (0 mins, 12 secs)

Rather than peel bunched carrots, you can just wash them. Try roasting them in the oven with a bit of cumin and then mashing them before adding olive oil and feta.

radish + cucumber (0 mins, 39 secs)

Try thinly slicing the radish and cucumber and mixing it with a bit of smoked fish. You can bind it with some creme fraiche and horseradish.

cherry tomatoes (1 mins, 1 secs)

You don’t have to do too much with these. They go well with mozzarella, so you can slice them up with mozzarella, olive oil and basil.

french beans  (1 mins, 42 secs)

The season’s just started so you’ll see a lot more of them over the coming weeks. Top and tail them and blanch in boiling salted water for a couple of water. They need to have a squeak when you bite into them. Try tossing them with shredded slow cooked tomatoes, diced olives and fresh basil.

One response to “What’s what in the Riverford box – 12th July 2010

  1. We like our bunched carrots just scrubbed and then dipped into a buttery mayonaise made by whisking an egg yolk, some mustard, S +P, lemon juice and melted butter together. Yum! but not great for the waistline.

    P.S Why do you ship the greens on the carrots? They get put straight on the compost heap as soon as I unpack the box and surely the extra weight uses more fuel to transport the carrots?

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