Growing salad pack on our farm in Devon

Our organic salad pack is made up of a mixture of seasonal leaves, freshly picked from our farm. In the summer the leaves grow quickly, usually being picked around 24organic salad pack from Riverford Farm in Devon days after being drilled.

To drill them, we make a raised bed, with a level surface and go over it with the cheesewire to get the bed clear of weeds. To find out more about the cheesewire, go here. The earlier crop is fleeced to keep it warm and later we use a net to protect it from flea beetle damage and to create shade. We weed it by hand, which can take a lot of effort, but we use an ortomec (belt harvester) to pick it, making harvesting quicker and easier.

Our salad pack is made up of 5 or 6 different leaves, these could be pak choi; ruby streaks mustard; baby leaf lettuce; mixed chard; golden streaks mustard; rocket or tat soi.

2 responses to “Growing salad pack on our farm in Devon

  1. I have seen this in action when I visited the farm, it really is poetry in motion – take a video and show us again!

  2. Sorry but am I allowed to say awesome? Bet you grow better salad large scale than I do smale scale…..

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