what’s what in the Riverford box – 5th July 2010

This week Kirsty talks about kohl rabi and tomatoes. kohl rabi (0 mins, 7 secs) To prepare your kohl rabi, trim off the top leaves and stems, trim the base and if it’s large, peel the outer leaves. One way to use it is to slice it thinly but you can also grate it and put it into an asian coleslaw. If you have pointed cabbage in your box, you can use that instead of the kohl rabi. Tomatoes (1 min, 30 secs)

3 responses to “what’s what in the Riverford box – 5th July 2010

  1. looks good, must use it up this week…

  2. I love this video! Video just brings recipes – and ideas – to life. (Always wondered what to do with kohlrabi!)

  3. Yummy kohlrabi! Just wanted to point out that you can use the leaves too. This week I was trying to use every last scrap up so I made a stock with kohlrabi leaves, carrot and beetroot tops, broad bean pods, onions, and some other bits and bobs I had in the freezer (I freeze any usable vegetable bits and save them up until I have enough to make stock with). You’d never know it was made with scraps as it tastes delicious.

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