Growing strawberries on our farm in Devon

Strawberries are a traditional sight at the start of the UK summer and on a sunny Tuesday in mid-June we took a trip to our fields in Devon to take some photos of thempicking strawberries at Riverford Organic in Devon being picked.

Strawberries will usually be ready from late May to mid July but the timing has to be right. If they have a little green on them they will be able to ripen in the punnet, but if they are too green they can’t. If they’re too red, they don’t keep for long, even in the fridge.

For something different, try our recipe for strawberries in balsamic vinegar and orange juice

strawberries from Devonstrawberry fields in Devonpicking organic strawberries at Wash Farmstrawberries

8 responses to “Growing strawberries on our farm in Devon

  1. Kate Maciver-Redwood

    Looking georgeous! But how do they taste?!

  2. I just ate the small handful growing on my balcony and I’ll be looking forward to adding these to my next box.

  3. As long as they don’t have to be there all year long I guess for the saving in waste and food miles we can cope with a bit of a blot on the landscape for a few weeks/months.

  4. go on line to the Guardian and make a comment about Riverford, a minute or two ago the yurt restaurant was being feature on the front page, excellent.

  5. Go for the eyesore of the poly tunnels – strawberries are worth it. The season is so short but they taste SO good!

  6. Growing Strawberries Guru

    Lovely post. I love the photos. I am myself a great fan of growing strawberries at home, I think it is really worthwhile activity because of the tasty and healthy strawberries that you get.

  7. If strawberries are good they are really good but so often they are watery and even bitter. It depends on the variety and the weather and growing them in polytunnels seems to exacerbate the problem. Last year I’m afraid I wasn’t even impressed by the Riverford strawberries.

  8. What is the black material you use under them?

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