Picking spinach on our farm in Devon

Spinach is now in season and we took a trip out the fields to see it being picked. This crop was planted in April, and was picked on a sunny morning in mid June.
On our farm in Devon, we sow spinach from April to August and pick it from June to November. The first spinach is planted and covered with a fleece to bring it on early. The later crop is drilled into open ground and both crops are mechanically and if necessary hand weeded.
Spinach doesn’t like to be shocked, so if the temperature changes from cold to warm quickly, it can bolt so we can’t use it. Luckily, since April, we haven’t had too many problems with the weather!

Spinach goes well with butter and cheese and for an easy idea, dress cold cooked spinach with pomegranate juice and seeds then serve as part of a mezze or with grilled fish.

Try a recipe for spinach scramble here.

2 responses to “Picking spinach on our farm in Devon

  1. Love spinach just steamed and served with butter & black pepper. BUT have you tried growing New Zealand spinach ? Easy to grow bur resists bolting ,and slightly thicker leaves- doesn’t go to mush !

  2. Popeye Pasta for kids: braised spinach, creamcheese, milk blended and poured on pasta – simple & delicious!

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