Growing kohlrabi in devon

Taking advantage of a nice, sunny day, we decided to go oTractor and planter at Wash Farm, Devonut to the fields on our farm in Devon to see the kohlrabi being planted. These were raised in a nursery and come  to us in modules. Our field workers sit on a planter which is pulled along behind a tractor and drop the plants into moving cups which puts them into the ground.

Once they’re bigger, we will use a steerage hoe to get rid of the weeds and if the weather is too dry, they will be irrigated. These were planted in mid May and are likely to be harvested around mid July.

planting kohl rabi in Devonplanting kohl rabi at Riverford Organic farmkohl rabi on wash farm, Devon

2 responses to “Growing kohlrabi in devon

  1. Vicky Townshend

    Oh joy, my favourite summer veg. Cut into batons, take the skin off the ends and eat raw with salad. Also great for munching whilst working at my desk. I’m looking forward to getting some in my box tomorrow but disappointed I wasn’t able to order them as an extra too.

  2. Last week we called at your establishment at Yealmpton for lunch whioch we and others of the bowling fraternity have done over the years and were confronted by ‘We can only do soup’The Chefs were made redundant earlier this year.’ You can have a pie’ Chose a pie ‘Sorry you cann’t have this some are cooked and others aren’t’ Tray removed from display. You have a shop on site suerly with all the fresh veg. meats, eggs. Two young female employees could put together a ploughmans or breakfast without any trouble for the customers. I do not think that that should overstretch their capabilities or enviromental health worries on a food establishment like yours!
    My wife and myself and another bowler were dismayed by the lack of food on the premises. As will other bowlers I know who have used the facilities in the past. It will be the pub later this year when we are again at Yelmpton

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