Plastic crates: the conclusion

Thanks to everyone who replied to our question about charging a deposit for the plastic crates.

A lot of you who replied are against the idea of plastic crates and would prefer us to stick with cardboard. We would have to charge a deposit if we used plastic crates and a lot of you are against that. Unfortunately we would expect around 5% of the crates to go missing – which would be double the cost of the boxes as things stand.

Many of you would be happy to pay a £5 deposit, but no more than that. We now have a quote for fold down crates at £7.50 so the deposit would be more than a lot of people are willing to pay. This would be a massive and risky investment for us and after reading the replies, we have decided to shelve the project.

Once again, thanks for all your feedback.

7 responses to “Plastic crates: the conclusion

  1. Can’t win them all!
    Well done for both asking us in the first place and then listening to what we said.
    I was for plastic boxes if the environmental maths stood up, which it seems it did, but the deposit just seems too difficult to implement in a fair and simple way.

  2. I love the boxes – they’ve been part of my life for so many years now and the giggle I get watching someone try to fold them for the first time is still fun!

  3. Really glad the boxes are reprieved, I love them and the contents. A reminder to return boxes worked for me, when I discovered I had about 6 stashed in the garage, as I kept missing the 8am deadline to put them out (not wanting to leave them in the rain). Maybe a small (£5?) box deposit on start up – might make people a bit more aware of the cost.

  4. Agree – I didn’t mid, and like above trusted your judgement if you felt it was better – I am smug returner of boxes though –

  5. Perhaps it would help, now that the cardboard boxes are staying, to post a guide on what we can do as customers (if anything) to help extend the life of the boxes as they are. I’ve returned all my boxes (bar one, which my guinea pigs unfortunately ate) and would like to continue to play my part 🙂

  6. congratulations! just read about the Observer ethical awards.

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