Goats, cows and giant carrots

Guy Watson, Margaret Kifuko and Martin Geake

Martin Geake (Director of Send a Cow) receiving a carrot-shaped cheque from Riverford for £10,000

We’ve been working with Send a Cow since March last year, organising joint events promoting sustainable farming practices globally and offering vegbox incentives for donors to the charity.

As part of Send a Cow’s Grow it Global project we gave our visitors the chance to see the workings of an African farm here at Riverford in

Margaret Kifuko Ugandan Farmer

Margaret Kifuko – our guest farmer from Uganda

Devon on Monday 3rd March with our guest Ugandan farmer Margaret Kifuko. Margaret taught everyone about keyhole gardens and bag gardens and we had farm walks and goats for everyone to meet.

On Tuesday 4th May we held an evening hosted by Guy Watson (Riverford Founder) and guest speaker Margaret at the Field Kitchen on Wash Farm, Devon. Martin Geake (Director of Send a Cow) received a carrot-shaped cheque from Riverford for £10,000 which was raised from various initiatives over the last year.

Huge thanks to all of our customers who have helped raise this, by buying garden fleece,  boxes to share and referring friends to Riverford.

a goat at Riverford

Along with farm walks, keyhole gardens and bag gardens, we had some goats on the farm for everyone to meet

Margaret will be with us until 14th May and in this time we are hosting 11 school visits at when Margaret will teach children about sustainable farming in Africa. Margaret joined a Send a Cow group in 1998 and received training in agriculture. The group gave her a cow, which has calved 4 times. Margaret practices sustainable organic agriculture, which has improved her soil’s fertility. She is now a peer farmer trainer and has turned her farm into a training centre.

2 responses to “Goats, cows and giant carrots

  1. Andrea Grimson

    As a vegan, I am disgusted that my money gets used to support such a scheme. Riverford, give your customers the CHOICE of where their money goes.

  2. Alison Walker

    I appreciate that your ethical choices are different, but the Send a Cow scheme is mostly about providing milk, income and sustainable agriculture. Meat is a side-product. It makes a huge difference to the families involved, and is a very cost-effective charity to support. You want choice over charity, fair enough. The families that Send a Cow supports lack choice over basics: food, education. A cow can sometimes be the beginning!

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