Growing in cold weather

At this time of year we should be seeing plenty of purple sprouting broccoli (psb), cauliflower and cabbages but growers have had some of their cabbage crop damaged by the cold and snow we had at the turn of the year and cabbages are small.   We’ve bought in cabbages from growers in the midlands and east of the country over the past month so customers have not felt the full force of our crop failures in the south.

The cauliflower season has been halved with the cold weather destroying some 60,000 heads. Once the weather warms up they will start growing again according to Peter Morton our agronomist.  It looks as though there will also be small picks of cauli and psb next week.

It is likely that cauliflower, psb and local cabbage will not start again until mid–late March with the spring greens starting in April as the frost has pushed them back one month as well.

The weather on the continent has also been tricky with our Spanish, French, Moroccan and Italian growers having very heavy rain and a lot of cloud cover.  Supply of tomatoes and peppers has helped ease the shortfall in local veg but because of lower than usual light levels the flavour is not quite what we’ve had in the past.

We do have plenty of parsnips and a small volume of swede and  jerusalem artichokes.  We are planning to use them all in the boxes in March with potatoes and carrots.

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