broad beans & Heisenberg’s principle

broad bean picking handsHalf the staff are lost in the broad beans, picking with deft, nimble and (I hope) well motivated fingers, moving systematically up the rows like marshalled locusts. A bean top rustles now and then and occasionally a head pops up to carry out a completed crate, but otherwise they could all be asleep in there.

6 responses to “broad beans & Heisenberg’s principle

  1. Who would have thought that bean picking could be so deep?

    They are darn tasty though.

  2. Just as the man said, when you look again it has changed! (I was almost certain it was “…bErg”)

  3. Jackie Trewby

    Look forward to reading the newsletter on Fridays over breakfast, and always cheered by the ethical principles expressed.
    Wondered how you paid the pickers and packers.
    Please keep writing.

  4. Couldn’t find Heidenbergs recipe but I did use my tried and trusted Floyd on Italy minestrone recipe ( other cook books are available). While we are on broad beans, what is this new fangled nonsense about peeling broad beans? PEELING. Never mind Shirley Conran ‘life’s too short to stuff a mushroom’ There aren’t enough minutes to waste peeling the skin off a bean. Audrey Eyton would be spinning in her grave!

  5. Who would have thought that, whilst writing my philosophy dissertation, that I would gain inspiration from the arrival of my veg box!
    It is clear to see that those principles have spread throughout every aspect of Riverford; especially the tomatoes….
    Thanks Guy!

  6. I was interested to read “Guy’s theory on piece work” and whole heartedly support and agree with the sentiments expressed. It reminded me of my studies (a few years ago now) on human behaviour and motivation; especially the work of Hawthorne and Mayo and more recently, studies on the importance of the psychological contract. The links below are worth reading and, I promise, not too turgid – infact, the theories are as relevant to many relationships, (ie children and parenthood), as they are to the employee/employer relationship!

    Should be enough here for further reflection from Guy……….!?

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