Tasting french carrots

carrot tastingWe’ve been tasting carrot varieties today, all grown on our French farm in the Vendee. Our stored Devon carrots last until the beginning of May and we have a 4-5 week gap when we import carrots to fill the gap before our Devon bunched carrots come into season. The plan is to bridge this gap with carrots from our French farm and as we tasted 8 varieities the decision was unanimous –  Namur is the best. So you’ll be seeing these in the boxes this time next year.

One response to “Tasting french carrots

  1. There have been no carrots in my veg box, and
    apparently, none to come in the next. I am not complaining, as I enjoy the changes and challenges, but what has happened to your beautiful carrots, obviously the french have finished but where are yours? Has there been a crop failure?

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