A credit munch worthy diet: £11 a week!

See the letter to the Daily Mail by Celia Gunn a credit munch worthy diet. Two energetic people, one week on organic food (including their Riverford vegbox): total expenditure on food £22.66.

2 responses to “A credit munch worthy diet: £11 a week!

  1. lapsingveggie

    Couldn’t agree more… We always spend much more money on food in the occasional weeks that we don’t get a veg box from you. I’m always shocked by how much the supermarkets are charging for half-rotten vegetables.

  2. Tottally agree, we always live like this and our kids are probably the best fed in our area! I went food shopping with a friend. Shge went to iceland and spent £80 on junk ready meals etc. She had 5 bags to carry home! I said I was popping into the co-op for my weekly shop. I came out with 1 bag and had spent, less than £20, then went home and the next day my box arrived! Life couldn’t be beter or simplr!

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