a carrot holiday

There is always a carrot gap at this time of year as our stored crop comes to an end. We had planned to plug this with some Spanish carrots, but we were already dubious about their environmental credentials and when the price we had agreed with the growers mysteriously doubled, we decided to give you a carrot holiday rather than offer you over-priced sticks of what often turns out to be tasteless orange water. We hope this break will sharpen your appetite for the first harvest of our bunched carrots. And by next year we hope to have early carrots from our French farm.carrots

17 responses to “a carrot holiday

  1. It’s good to have a break. Were the suppliers pissed off? Did you call their bluff?

  2. kids are delighted! I am completely in support of this move. Thanks for another sound decision.

  3. Thank God for the carrot holiday – boxes have had big bags in for weeks!

  4. Thank you. I love carrots but 52 weeks of year challenges my cullinary skills to the limit! I look forward tto their return when in season. I enjoy the seasonal aspect of the contents of my veg box, so less imports is fine by me.

  5. Have they gone to Spain for their holiday? – the carrots.

  6. Oh dear! I feel a panic coming on! No carrots…..just when we had learned how to cope with all those stacks of delicious orange blighters… Only joking – Perfectly acceptable omission in the circumstances, very sensible. looking forward to the new season’s offerings.

  7. I noticed that our box this week was going to be carrot-free and was quite pleased about it. I don’t mind carrots, but can get a bit overwhelmed, so thank you for the break.

  8. One of the reasons we buy from Riverford is because it’s better, all round, to eat produce in season. We do love carrots though and look forward to their return (WITH MUD LEFT ON I HOPE. THEY REALLY DO KEEP BETTER, COLOUR AND FLAVOUR INTACT) It really doesn’t take long to wash them; doesn’t make much difference whether you use your water or we use ours and if kept in a Riverford brown paper bag they don’t make anything else muddy!

  9. Michelle Hewitt

    We’re serious carrot addicts in this house. My 6 year-old son will always eat the carrots on his plate before anything else. Thanks to Riverford, we’ve enjoyed the best tasting carrots ever for the last three years. Please don’t leave me to the mercy of flavourless supermarket carrots for too long……

  10. I agree with the sighs of relief, will be nice to have a week where I dont add another bag of carrots to the 3 already in the bottom of the fridge!

  11. I’ve been grating any excess in with the dog’s dinner! It’ll be nice to have a break but please start the next season by returning to unwashed carrots – it makes me feel as if I’ve been down the garden and picked them myself

  12. Oh dear, it’s frightening how many of you guys don’t love your carrots, crunchy raw anytime, pickled, spiced, stir-fried, carrot-caked, grated with apple and lemon juice, in salads and the sweetest little things in all the soups I can think of (well, almost all :). Should any of you ever have too much… give them all to me!!!!!
    The most delicious carrots I’ve ever had. Great job Riverford!

  13. We love carrots but would prefer just to have local things from Riverford so support the decision

  14. I am frankly relieved too. I have just had last carrot potato onion and chick pea soup. Still got carrot slices in freezer. It took me back to my childhood, but then the English carrots were bitter. UGH! well done for not being blackmailed. From a reluctant, but grownup carrot consumer.

  15. I don’t mind not having carrots but my husband was a bit shocked. “Why have they delivered a forest this week?”He resorted to the tasteless supermarket variety as a protest but funnily enough I’ve found they are now lingering in the bottom of the fridge!
    PS Please keep the soil on when they come back.

  16. Where did my carrot extras come from this week? They arrived bruised and damaged and already going soft ! If i could have see them on a shelf before i bought, i would not have bought!

    I am thinking that despite the inconvenience, they are best unwashed and undamaged afterall.

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