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Town Mill Bakery

Town Mill Bakery

We have had many requests for bread to be available alongside our boxes and we’re pleased to announce that it’s on its way to customers in the Hampshire area. It will be freshly baked by Town Mill Bakery in Hook, Hampshire, first thing in the morning and delivered to you the same day.

We went along to see how it’s done. Town Mill even let us loose on the bread rolls – fear not, the expert bakers at Town Mill will be baking your bread!
Watch the video and see the artisan breadmakers (and us amateurs) at work.

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  1. The bread looks wonderful in the photos and I was very excited to see that two of the products were being marketed as “YEAST FREE”. Since I have an extreme intolerance to yeast I get very little opportunity to eat nice bread.

    I phoned Riverford to find out more. They said that the sourdough bread did have yeast in it but that was alright because it was “Natural”.
    I just want to warn anyone with an allergy or intolerance to yeast to be very careful when eating these “YEAST FREE” products. I have been refining my yeast-free diet now for nearly ten years and in my experience however natural a yeast might be it still causes a reaction if eaten.

    I do not think these delicious looking sourdough breads should be advertised as “YEAST FREE” unless the sourdough starter from this bakery has no yeast in it.

  2. Just to say the bread is lovely have frozen 2 and nearly eaten 1 already !!! Delicious thanks

  3. Please please can we have the organic bread in Devon too! Would organic part baked work?
    We could order one fresh and one part baked, then the house would be filled with the amazing smell of freshly baked bread mid week……..mmmm!

  4. I hope you are looking to bring this to other areas soon, would love to be able to buy “proper” organic bread.

  5. By chance I’ve just met one of the bakers responsible for this perfect bread – I ordered just the rye this week, the best I’ve ever eaten and worth every penny – those on a wheat free diet need look no further!

  6. Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the bread –
    had the spelt & worker’s white & both were delicious.

  7. Mrs E Keeling-Look

    We would love to have organic bread delivered in Cornwall as well. There is a Cornish company called “Vickies Bread”. Vicky does superb organic artisan bread, both her multi-grain and white are out of this world – I wish she would do a brown too. She even makes her own special yeast. Unfortunately we can’t always manage to get hold of it. It would be fantastic if Guy could get together with her and deliver her bread in Cornwall – then we would have it on our doorstep 🙂

  8. I am afraid I have to disagree with most of the comments about the bread. I only had the spelt and I have to say it was one of the driest breads I have ever had!!! I might try something else, e.g. rye or sour dough but the spelt is certainly a no no for me…

  9. I haven’t tried any yet….
    But this is a great idea, I love fresh bread and I am looking forward to trying them all….!!

  10. Haven’t enjoyed any bread since my favourite loaf (Duchy Organic Oaten) ceased production.
    There’s a gap in the market for a decent soft-crust bread with oats (oats, NOT seeds, multi or otherwise).

  11. Is it possible to deliver organic bread free of flour improvers

  12. Imust say I agree with PeterI have tried spelt bread and found it very dry Ilove the organic bread from long crichel bakery but do not always have time time to go to their shop

  13. If you could deliver to poole it would be fantastic

  14. Hello,

    For the North Staffordshire/Cheshire area you might consider This is a genuine artisan bakery.

    I’m not sure if they have an organic range, but they might produce one if you ask.

    Best wishes

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