sticking to what we know

We seem to be doing pretty well with awards recently. First the Observer’s ‘Best Ethical Restaurant’ and now ‘Best Organic Retailer’ at the Natural and Organic Awards,sponsored by the Soil Association. Many thanks to all of you who voted for us. I like to think that we won for patiently sticking at what we know and, year on year, getting steadily better at it; for being the real McCoy, rather than a brand created in response to a market trend.

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  1. It’s so important to stick to your principles , I very much admire the way Riverford has always done this – it’s one of the reasons I continue to get my fruit and veg from you guys – companies that alter their stance do so at their peril – I for one don’t think the same about Innocent following their involvement with Coca-cola, for me it seems to go against everything I thought they stood for, so I’ll get my smoothies elswhere in future…

  2. I have just had my delivery of my mini veg box and it looks fantastic. Thank you very much. I was just getting ready to cancel my order as I was kinda getting tired of potatoes and leek. But I wanted to say, I have just started tweeting and think that it is something that could work very well for your farm. I would certainly enjoy receiving updates about what’s going on, on the farm and am sure others would too.

    I already did a search for your name and there are already a few of us tweeting your name!

  3. Please keep on doing what you are doing. The flavour and value for money is unbeatable. With all the large companies chopping and changing their minds I despair as to how the poor organic farmers are to cope; don’t these stores realise how long it takes to get soil assocation accreditation? My roots and greens box was delivered earlier this morning and it is really exciting to open the packaging to see what is included. I get a box for my husband and myself once a fortnight and the veggies, if stored as advised, keep beautifully fresh and flavoursome until the next delivery. I very rarely have to top up on veggies, although I do need to pick up the occasional items of fruit because we run out. By the way, I’m a ‘keep the mud on’ person – I believe it does help retain the freshness and flavour. So, as I said at the top of this ramble, keep doing what you are doing!

  4. I started getting the veg boxes in January & absolutely love them. Everything is so fresh & tasty, so much better quality than any of the supermarkets. Any unused veg at the end of the week is turned into a large pot of vegetable soup, together with any bits & pieces of leftovers hanging around in the fridge. So as far as I am concerned you are all doing a great job – so keep up the good work & please DO NOT WASH THE CARROTS!!!

  5. Fantastic!
    Congratulations to you all. A well deserved award.

  6. Brilliant news – well done and keep up the good work. We love the vegetables, and my daughter loves your veggie burgers (and we’re not vegetarians).

  7. Keep doing what you are doing and fly in the face of the media driven scrum for the latest fashion in retailing.

  8. I’ve just read this article in the Times and now wonder what varieties of apple Riverford provides at various times of the year, and where they are grown. The apples I have had in my box have been good and full of flavour, though I admit I never pay much attention to what they are called, but I’m now curious.

  9. Congratulations on being Best Organic Retailer.

    Your fruit and vedge is gorgeous.

    You’ve spoiled me.

  10. It’s a pity that they have to put stickers on various fruit – they drive me mad. The week before last the skin underneath peeled off every pear with them – I was ever so gentle with them too!

  11. Clive and Pam Hobbs

    Well done Riverford!! Having had your boxes for the best part of three years now, we always look forward to their arrival and are pleased to see that we are not alone. Keep up the good work! And we don’t mind mud on carrots, you don’t have to wash them on our account!

  12. thats a very good point about the organic stickers on the apples a few weeks ago, every single apple had at least one, somtimes 2 stickers. the skin came off the apple..can adhesive labels be organic?

  13. I am missing the plastic milk bottles – the top of the milk is more spread out in the cartons & sticks to the carton … so you don’t get as much & it’s less top & more mainstream!

  14. ‘Best Ethical Restaurant’ and now ‘Best Organic Retailer’ I hope and appreciated. This is great for.. and hope to keep this reputation.

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