growing in France

Just back from France having finally completed the purchase of 80 cows, three tractors a large lake and 250 acres sandy in the Vendee; the plan being to grow veg and extend our seasons just four hours drive from and a ferry from us rather than going to Spain for it.

After fourteen months of buearocracy the Department has decided that we are fit to farm and the deal is done. Actually the local farming community has been very supportive and encouraging and Didier, the selling farmer, has acquired a new lease of life and decided to stay on as a partner.

We are already 14 months into the conversion so the first fields will be organic and ready for cropping next spring. We have already started some crop trials of lettuce, spinach and beans. Despite a cold winter the much higher light levels are plain to see in the vigorous growth. The only obvious problems are the wild boar – showing an unhelpful interest in the broad beans – and a plague of giant rats the size of a badger.

5 responses to “growing in France

  1. Rats the size of a badger – oh my goodness!!

  2. I’m very partial to Wild Boar. But if you start offering rat burgers I might have to think twice … make that three times!

  3. Are you sure they’re not coypu, a large south American rodent, that’s been grown for its fur, and, at least in East Anglia, some have escaped. Can’t think of a rat that could be as big as a badger!

  4. Having holidayed in Central france for a number of years I think it is unlikely to be a coypu, unless a very young one. However we heve encountered “ragondin” large rats or musk rats. The size of a badger with a rat like tail. Apparently they also make a lovely coarse pate!

  5. Perhaps these are Marmots. According to Escoffier their flesh is edible but “musky”
    Bon Appetit!

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