Norton summer party – did you have a good time?

On Saturday we had our first event at Upper Norton Farm and we thank you for coming. We had a great time but are very very sorry that a couple of the barbecues packed up on us hence the queues for food. We live and learn so will try something different next time. While we try to perfect our swede-putting skills in between our day to day jobs, we’d would love to hear from you. Let us know what you thought about it – both good and bad – so we can make the next one even better!

16 responses to “Norton summer party – did you have a good time?

  1. Conrad Delawar

    Great day ! Wow we were lucky with the weather..the kids loved it and althought the barbecue was exactly that…a was worth the wait and the cooks were cheerful and helpful ! Lets do it again !

  2. I would have loved to have come but only found out the week before – not enough notice for me I’m afraid. I found out about this page from the RSS feed – would you advertise events using the RSS feed too please?

  3. A very enjoyable day apart from the queue for the bbq!
    Thank you very much it was great to see where our veg etc comes from

  4. We loved the day despite the queue for the barbie. Our daughter learnt so much about veg and farming. Brilliant! The food was excellent and everyone was so attentive and helpful. It might be good to get other organic producers, crafts, artists and also a band involved next time so there is even more there. I’m sure a few bands would play for a few organic beers! It might also be worth having a few stalls indoors as a few little ones looked a bit blown away by the strong wind. Thank you for a great event and we will be back!

  5. Caroline Mackenzie

    Fantastic time had by adults and children, they felt the queue for the BBQ was worth it too!
    It would have been useful to know ahead of time that produce was for sale -so we could bring more cash!
    We would have liked more info on the packing and distribution. Also more info crops , we arrived late due to flat tyre so missed the last farm walk. Looking forward to next year.

  6. Next year could you please arrange the party so that it doesn’t clash with the Hat Fair and Wimbledon Finals! Thanks

  7. Gretel, Alexander and Nicholas

    We had a fab time and my boys were so glad that we had made the effort. My older Son (4 3/4) asked if he could have his birthday at the Farm! There may be some milage in that!! Thank you all for a really great day, so we had to queue for food but when we got it it was lovley and worth the wait, we met some really great people and can not wait for the next event we will be there with all our friends!! Thanks again, Gretel and her boys X

  8. I was one of the team of face-painters who just happens to get a regular veggie box. It was a real thrill to be involved. There wasn’t much time to look around ( we also had a queue) but it was great to see where the boxes come from – Thank you – hope you are able to do it again – bigger and better!!

  9. The Hat Fair is always the first weekend in July, do you think next year you could party on a different day?

    More food to eat would be good. We gave up with the BBQ.

    Scrummy strawberries.

  10. Graeme, Jo, April and Poppy

    We were wondering whether anyone beat Graeme’s 18 second time in the penaltimate egg and spoon race as he has not stopped going on about the signed cook book the winner would receive!

  11. Thanks for a great day, the kids loved it! Dont give up on the BBQ …..the veggie queue was fine!!! The veggie sausages and burgers were great as well. Looking forward to coming again.

  12. We had a great time. What a fantastic day. Our children of 4 and 7 particularly enjoyed the egg and spoon and kohl rabi shy, especially getting badges. We all enjoyed the tractor tour but having a guide on the tractor ride would have been even better. The very competitive grown-ups need to know the answers to all the “guess how many/much” competitions. We loved the BBQ but if you can fix the queues, even better. Looking forward to next time.

  13. Great site to hold a summer fete but for us grown-ups not much goign on…more stands with organic products/services might be good?
    Guy’s newsletter mentioned books etc, where???? I think you can definitely take this further next year. Suggestion:
    Straw bales to sit on
    More than 1 catering outlet
    others stalls selling all manner of goodies – we want to spend money!
    Your covered crops needed some signs to tell us what they were
    How about a tent with all your boxes showgn as an example to the people we brought who don’t buy from you?
    I wished that day I was a child- because it looked like great fun.
    We did enjoy it though- nice weather. Look forward to the next one – but please grown-up interest too.

  14. We really enjoyed our day at the farm and loved the food. Those strawberries were particular good. The BBQ queue did wear us down and we ended up having to miss the farm tour because our one year old had had enough by then. More straw bales to sit on/play around would have been good. We would also have loved to have found out more about the farm. A little exhibit of the history of it, what’s going on at the moment and future plans would be great. Also a chance to meet our local distributors perhaps?

  15. Thank you for a lovely day, yes we did work out that we queued for more than 2 hours in total for the food but it was yummy! The farm tour was the most interesting bit for me, the children enjoyed it too. It would be good to have more of the veg on desplay with someone giving cookery demos, one of the things I find hardest is knowing how to cook some of the more unusual veg.
    Sebastian’s (8) highlight of the day was the baby cucumbers, he has never eaten cucumber before, and now so long as I tell him it’s baby cucumber, he’ll eat any cucumber!!!!
    Many thanks, the Aslet family.

  16. We were so looking forward to coming along, and then our best friends (inconveniently!!) had a baby the day before!
    Looking at all the comments, sounds like it was a fab day and I’ll definitely be there next time!

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