Punnets as planters

punnet-planters-2-bowler.jpgOne of our wonderful customers has sent in photos of the tomato and mushroom punnets being used to root cuttings (mostly penstemon) before potting them on. The punnets are made out of recycled material, used for packing tomatoes or mushrooms, reused for rooting cuttings then composted – now that’s inspiring.

We’d love to hear other interesting reduce, reuse, recycle stories that are out there.

23 responses to “Punnets as planters

  1. We use ours for storing waste veg before the trip out to out compost bin. Rip them up to help balance the greens and browns in the bin. Seems to work anyway!

  2. Tracey Pilling

    6 loo rolls fit snugly in the punnets to use as root trainers, great for parsnips before planting out. Also the clear plastic lids and bottoms you sometimes send the tomatoes in are good as covers to turn it into a propergator.

  3. We use them as fuel in the bee smoker.

  4. If you are planning to plant your seedlings outside once they are vigorous & have outgrown their punnets, you won’t even need to “re-pot” them; you can bury the entire container in the soil outside, because the moisture will soften the cardboard so that roots simply grow through it, and it will de-compose naturally!

  5. Hayley Morgan-Jones

    Our gerbils love having the punnets to play with and then chew up. When their cage is cleaned out all their hard work is not wasted as it goes on the compost heap to balance out the greens.

  6. Claire Borrowdale

    If you cut the sealed end off the paper bags used to put the bananas etc in and fold them in half, they make the perfect ‘collar’ for a 61/2″-7″ cake tin, for cooking fruit cakes. No more struggling to tie string around!

  7. The large plastic bags are the ideal size for germinating seeds in seed trays. You can put the whole tray in and it creates a warm, moist micro-climate.

  8. The kids have endless uses for them. The list includes dolls’ houses, guitars, teddy beds….

  9. I use the brown paper bags for lining the kitchen compost bin. Then I tip the whole thing, bag and all into the composter in the garden – seems to work fine. I do the same for the food waste bin which the council collects every week. I gave a whole stack of the cardboard punnets and empty yoghurt pots to our infants school. They keep pencils in them!

  10. I have a green kitchen compost collector from lakeland and your punnets fit perfectly in the bottom. Like the previous contributor, i can then tip the whole lot in the compost, punnet and all, and it leaves the kitchen bin cleaner and drier as well as being good for the compost-hooray!

  11. Simone Fougère

    I usually send them back with my delivery guy Simon! Some great ideas here, think I’ll have to try some though. What happens when they go back to Riverford just out of interest?

  12. I use them for seed planters or to dry out the squash seeds before planting them myself. As with you others great in the compost bin as well.

  13. We recycyed empty punnets as the feet for a model robot in the classroom at school !

  14. I put my veg peelings in both the brown bags and the punnets, depending on what’s around, and, like other customers comments, they go in the compost maker. I also find the brown bags a good size to put our waste cardboard packaging in which gets recycled by the local council

  15. I also use the brown paper bags for putting in veg peelings and then put the whole thing in the compost. I also use the plastic bags for putting in used nappies. Saves buying nappy bags!

  16. My 1 year old finds a fruit box great for storing his bricks in.


  18. I have also used the punnets for growing seeds in, covered by the plastic bags. My aubergines and tomatoes have just been transplanted with minimal root disturbance because the cardboard was soft for the watering!

  19. Victoria Beech

    We fill them with coal then use them as tinder in the fire – works a treat 🙂

  20. I think all the above ideas are great and do much the same myself. I do hope Lisa is talking about washable nappies and not disposables though. All those disposable nappies in landfill create so many environmental problems.

  21. I use mine for storing packets of seeds, its great as you can have a box for every month!! I’m a bit obsessed..can you tell?!

  22. Sandra Fletcher

    The plastic bags I use and re-use to carry my picked salad leaves etc. home from the allotment until finally they go back to Riverford for recycling. Are the punnets treated with fire-resistant chemicals? If not we’ll also use them for our smoker for the bees!

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