Riverford buys the Prince’s Carrots

Sainsbury’s may have rejected organic carrots grown by the Prince of Wales and Soil Association founder Patrick Holden, but Riverford has bought them – all 25 tonnes. Riverford’s Andy Johnson said, “Our customers are very discerning people who demand tasty carrots and they absolutely loved them.” What was Sainsbury’s problem?

2 responses to “Riverford buys the Prince’s Carrots

  1. Daphne Rowbottom

    The latest carrots to be delivered were just amazing – so young and sweet I couldn’t get enough of them. Just 2 left until next week’s delivery! I don’t know where they were sourced but wherever it was they were brilliant. Thank goodness Riverford have bought all the “reject” carrots. It’s our gain. Supermarkets need to wake up to the fact that consumers want local and organic, not stuff that’s travelled all round everywhere before arriving with them. Appearance is irrelevant. Taste and freshness is all.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Please may we continue to have those substandard carrots. They are just delicious and have lasted really well too.

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