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Blackcurrants 125g

Blackcurrants 125g


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The most glamorous of the British summer berries: as dark and shiny as jewels, with bright purple juices and a vibrant sweet-sharp flavour. We grow these blackcurrants on our own farms, and enjoy them for as long as their season lasts. Because of their piercing sharpness, they’re best cooked: given a little sugar and heat, they’ll make all sorts of summer desserts sing.

Or, for something really show-stopping, try our recipes for baked custard with macerated blackcurrants (an abiding favourite in The Riverford Field Kitchen) or blackcurrant chocolate hazelnuts brownies.


For the classics, make into a sticky-sweet cordial, an intensely fruity syrup to pour over vanilla ice cream or Greek-style yogurt, or add to a summer pudding with a mix of sweeter berries to balance out their punchy flavour.


Blackcurrants are best kept in the fridge. They come straight from the farm, so they will need a wash. Wait until you're ready to eat them first - otherwise the moisture will encourage the fruit to spoil.


Early July to late August.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom.