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Blackcurrants 125g

Blackcurrants 125g


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Blackcurrants are a small, sweet, sharp berry most commonly used in syrups and cordials. Used in the French liqueur crème de cassis they taste great added to sparkling wine or champagne, and can be used in sauces to bring out the flavour of some meat dishes.

How to cook blackcurrants

Use in syrups, jams, jellies or as a vital ingredient in a summer pudding. Also makes an excellent addition to vanilla ice cream, either as a flavour or poured over as a syrup.

How to store blackcurrants

Try freezing the whole blackcurrant stem with fruit attached, then shake vigorously. The tops and tails will break off and the fruit can be separated easily. Straight from our farm, so wash before eating.


Early July to late August.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom.