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Cavolo nero (black kale) 300g

Cavolo nero (black kale) 300g


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Black kale is fantastic in peasant soups, ribollita, risotto and pasta dishes. Or just dress with a chunk of butter, a squeeze of lemon and a bit of pepper.


Wash well, trim stalks and use as spinach or cabbage. Cut and add to soups or use in omelettes, potato cakes or stir-fries. Great eaten simply as greens, this one also works well added to hearty soups and can even be added to salads.

Cavolo nero has tough ribs. Grip the rib with one hand and with the other, pull the leaf away. When you get to the centre leaves, they’re tender so you can chop these without stripping them.


Delivered from our farm, so wash before cooking. This will come in a plastic bag in your vegbox and should be stored in your fridge.

Country of origin

Grown in Italy.