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Juicing beetroot 5kg

Juicing beetroot 5kg


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Vibrant colour and sweet, earthy flavour. This great value bag is packed with outsized beetroot that are a little too large or haven’t quite made the grade for our vegboxes. They’re fantastic for juicing and too good to waste!

how to store beetroot

As soon as you get beetroot, chop the stalks and leaves off, as they draw moisture away from the root. Store beetroot in a cool, dark place.

how to juice beetroot

Beetroot has quite a strong flavour when you juice it and needs something to dilute it. Celery works well, or you could add the juice of an orange too.

beetroot season

Fresh from the field between July and November, then from store through the winter.

organic beetroot farmer

We grow beetroot on all our Riverford farms.