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Bunched beetroot

Bunched beetroot


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Bright purple organic beetroot adds a great splash of colour to your plate. Whether you’re after the health benefits of beetroot juice, want to perk up a tray of roasted veg or just need something quick and easy to grate into a salad, this purple root will see you right. Our fresh beets are worlds apart from the vinegary, crinkle-cut stuff in jars.


These beetroot beauties are spectacular raw, grated in salads. Or showcase them in thin slices, dressed in lemon juice and olive oil (think raw beetroot carpaccio). For an even milder taste, you can also boil or roast. And don’t keep all your beets for the main course – their earthy sweetness is a fine addition to brownies and cakes.


Lasts all winter under straw. Keep on a cool veg rack unwashed. As soon as you get it, chop the stalks and leaves off (before putting it in the fridge or storage). If you are going to use the leaves, keep them in the fridge, but the root can be stored in a cool, dark place.


Many varieties - some round and some more carrot shaped. Harvested from early July to November. The summer beetroot is smaller, sweeter and comes in bunches.

Country of origin

Grown in the United Kingdom.