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Cooking bananas 800g

Cooking bananas 800g


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Organic cooking bananas – think of them as a vegetable, not a fruit! Although we’re most familiar with yellow ‘dessert’ bananas, many tropical countries also grow green ‘cooking’ cultivars as a staple carb. As dessert bananas ripen and turn yellow, their starch converts to sugar, making them soft and sweet. Cooking bananas remain green and starchy; not a million miles away from potato in texture, with their own mild, savoury flavour.

Try them in our recipes for green banana mangu, chilli and thyme green banana chips or green banana jerk stew.


Cooking bananas make a very tasty alternative to potatoes, mashed or fried into chips. For a simple Jamaican-style side, boil them whole (in their skins) in salted water for 20 mins or so, until you can easily pierce the skins with a fork. Slice open, peel and serve the bananas alongside fish or pork. Green cooking bananas are more difficult to peel than ripe yellow ones. Don’t even bother trying to peel them from top to bottom. Instead, remove each end and score down one side. Prise the skin open and work it away from the flesh all the way around. The skin can be sticky and sappy so it is best to wear gloves if you can; avoid getting any on your clothes as the juices can stain.


Cooking bananas do not ripen and are ready to cook. Will keep for around a week at room temperature.

Country of origin

Grown in the Dominican Republic.

BBQ tips

Green bananas are ideal on a BBQ; you don’t even need to peel them. Just throw them straight onto the grill bars, over a medium heat, and cook for about 20 mins, turning often. They will blacken and burn very quickly, but don’t panic: the tough green skin can endure plenty of heat, protecting the flesh inside while it turns from hard and inedible into a soft, starchy mash. You’ll know they are ready when they give slightly to a squeeze from your BBQ tongs. Split them open and use the flesh to make a simple mash, or scrap it out and serve as a side, garnished with some salt, chilli, oil and lime juice.