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Baker toms stollen 550g

Baker toms stollen 550g


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Freshly baked speciality bread for Christmas, flavoured with warming cinnamon and a generous helping of raisins and currants. There’s a sweet, homemade marzipan centre when you bite through and a Christmassy dusting of icing sugar on top.


wheat flour, handmade marzipan (egg whites, almonds (nuts)), milk, butter (milk), raisins, currants, orange & lemon peel, sugar, almonds (nuts), icing sugar, yeast*, sea salt*, cinnamon, egg, (* non organic).

suitable for vegetarians.

keeps well for 3 or 4 days.

suitable for home freezing.

about Baker Tom

Baker Tom was started by a talented young baker, Thomas Hazzledine, in September 2006. He wanted to make bread that was additive and preservative-free, that could be available in all sorts of styles and flavours, and above all, loaves that tasted great. He started out making bread for his local farm shop and was soon inundated with demands from shops and restaurants. He now has successful shops in Truro and Falmouth.