Riverford Wicked Leeks

avoiding an early battle

Last year the warm weather in February and March had some strange effects on nature. Usually, late in the winter, creatures are happy to rest and conserve resources in preparation for a surge of energy in early spring. Last year the frolicking that usually begins in April started at the end of February. Adult rabbits in particular seemed to have connected with their amorous side far earlier than usual.

Winter 2008 seems to be following the same pattern. Plants have flowered earlier, insects are active and the mummy and daddy rabbits are beginning to indulge in the process of making baby bunnies. There are two outcomes that could materialise as a result of this early flourish of life. The first, and perhaps most likely, is that we will experience a late but sharp sting in the tail of an otherwise mild winter. This is really bad news for anything new to the world that isn