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White asparagus 330g

White asparagus 330g


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White asparagus is revered on the continent for its fatter spears and sweeter, more delicate flavour than green asparagus. In Germany it’s nicknamed ‘white gold’ – and a full-blown festival (Spargelfest) celebrates its arrival each year! The difference is all in the growing: white asparagus is grown underground, preventing the spears from photosynthesising and going green. The season is short, so eat up.


White asparagus tends to be thicker and more fibrous. Peel the whole length of each spear (except the tips), and boil for about 10-15 mins, until tender to the press of a fork just below the tips. They also lend themselves nicely to roasting and grilling. If you want to serve white and green asparagus together, cook them separately (unless the stalks look to be of similar thickness). Embellish simply to show off its flavour: hollandaise sauce is the classic in the north of France, and vinaigrette in the south.


Store asparagus in the fridge. Best eaten as soon as possible – to keep it fresh, you can stand asparagus upright in a pot with a little water. Straight from the farm, so wash before cooking.

Country of origin

Grown in the Netherlands.