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Asparagus 200g

Asparagus 200g


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Can’t wait for the UK crop? This is the most environmentally-friendly alternative to air freighted Peruvian asparagus that we’ve found. Our grower Pepe and his family have been farming asparagus in a fertile valley near Granada for generations. The crop is irrigated naturally by water from the surrounding mountains and is bursting with spring sweetness.


Snap the bottom end off, then boil or roast. Keep trimmings for stock/soup/risotto. Great served with poached or boiled eggs, melted butter or hollandaise sauce.


Store in the fridge - though best to eat it fresh. Straight from the farm, so wash before cooking.


In boxes from early May to mid/late June - one of the first signs of spring. We begin the season by importing from Pepe in Spain until the UK season catches up. Watch our video of Guy talking about growing asparagus.