Riverford Wicked Leeks

apples and pears from lorraine farm

We tell you quite a bit about the farmers we work with in the UK but we also work with some wonderful family farms overseas who care about their environment, people and produce. Mike Prevost from South Africa started growing organically years before it was fashionable and now supplies us with apples and pears from his farm in the Elgin Valley.

Lorraine Farm is a small family farm growing apples and pears, that you'll find in the fruit & veg box and the apple bag this week. It's the care Mike takes that sets Lorraine Farm apart: bat houses for the Egyptian free tail and Cape serotine bat which feast on fruit-damaging insects, a large flock of ducks to keep the snail population in check, small ponds in streams to limit erosion but double as frog breeding grounds, and areas of indigenous trees and shrubs to draw the birds.

Mike works with 15 people on his farm and has a strong relationship with his employees the majority of whom have been with him for many years (two are now receiving their pension after a combined service of 56 years).

The fruit & veg box this week has either Bon Rouge or Beurre Bosc Hardy pears and the apple bag takes the Gala apples, all grown by Mike and his team.