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Veg boxes - less plastic than supermarkets

77% less plastic than supermarkets

Read the results of our independent
plastic packaging comparison.

Riverford’s veg boxes contain 77% less plastic than equivalent packaged products from major UK supermarkets*.

We only use plastic when it’s absolutely necessary to prevent food waste, and we’re always finding ways to use less. To see how we’re progressing, we asked external researchers Savanta to compare our plastic use with that of seven leading UK supermarkets.

The results?

Riverford’s three most popular veg boxes contained 77% less plastic packaging collectively when compared to representative, packaged products across seven UK supermarkets!


* Savanta – July 2019. Results based on comparing the plastic packaging used in Riverford’s three most popular veg boxes across each of the weeks commencing 12th, 19th and 26th July with the plastic packaging used for comparable products from seven leading supermarkets.