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Thoughtful packaging


Thoughtful packaging – right for
the product and the environment

Growing, packing and delivering your food ourselves puts us in a unique position to use as little packaging as possible, and to collect what we do use from your doorstep for reuse or recycling.

Nothing is packaged without careful thought. If it doesn’t need it, we won’t wrap it – and where packaging is absolutely necessary, we choose the most sustainable solutions that fit the product’s needs. As much as possible is made of paper or cardboard.

Less plastic

Ordering a veg box means less plastic than buying the equivalent organic veg from the supermarket.

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We’ll collect your packaging

Leave out your cardboard boxes, chill packs, and anything you can’t recycle at home. We’ll take it all back to the farm to reuse or recycle. Our veg boxes can be reused up to 10 times!

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Always reducing

We only use packaging when it’s strictly necessary to prevent food waste. All that can be is packed into the veg boxes loose, and we’re always finding new ways to use less. Since 2017…

  • 180km per year of plastic netting removed,
    swapping to compostable beech nets
  • Popular veg unwrapped after testing them
    without plastic, such as romanesco
  • 430,000 items per year moved
    into recyclable packaging
  • Paper bags reduced by 120,277 per year
  • 1.5 tonnes of plastic per year saved!


By the end of 2020, we’ll be using certified home compostable plastic for all our punnets and bags – made from renewable materials which are quick to break down.

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recycle your packaging

Recycling guide

What can you do to make sure your packaging is properly disposed of? Read our guide here. When in doubt, leave it out for us to take back to the farm. We’ll sort it out.

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University of Exeter research

Rather than doing what we assumed was right, we wanted to make sure we were making sustainable packaging choices. Read the results of our sustainability study with Exeter University